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Obama’s Right-Wing School Reform | The New York Review of Books.

I wonder what people think of this article (HT to @Thanks2Teachers via Twitter for bringing it to my attention).  Please share your thoughts:

I have been disappointed with what feels like a pretty conservative approach to education reform.  *To clarify, I mean conservative in the ‘slow, cautious, playing-it-safe’ way, not as a ideological label for a group of people (i.e. the political opposite of ‘liberal.’)*  Also disappointing: support for early childhood remains insufficient, continuing to follow the ‘table scraps’ model of funding.

I don’t know anything about this author, Diane Ravitch.  Her headline is sensational.  She’s marketing a book.  But she also seems to make some sound points.  I wish she had provided some examples of possible solutions among her list of complaints and criticisms.  This piques my ongoing issue with educators: a great deal of willingness to discuss problems, but little action toward solving those problems. This is not a personal criticism of Ravitch, and may not be consistent with her record – I will have to do some reading before making that determination.  Perhaps there are solutions discussed in her book.

She does note that she is seeking leadership outside of herself – political leadership.  If she finds that leadership, I wonder how she would participate.  How do any of us engage with leaders who have taken up our cause?  How can educators really be the change we want to see in the world?

Thoughts?  Discuss!

Obama’s Right-Wing School Reform | The New York Review of Books.


Here is a great, easy-to-use advocacy tool for citizens of Illinois interested in supporting quality school environments and education jobs: NO TO  You fill in your info, and it not only locates you legislators BUT ALSO generates a message that you can edit with personal touches, and automatically send to all of them.  Incredibly easy and fast.

The form also generates phone numbers for your personal senator and representative, and if you are in Chicago, the senator and rep for whichever CPS school you enter.

NO TO 37– Contact Your Legislators.

Keep in mind. personal letters and phone calls have the greatest impact on legislators.  We all pay closer attention to a handwritten letter than a form letter.  People think about how much effort you put into getting in touch with them.  So if you have the time, go that extra mile – it will be appreciated!

But this is so easy that there’s no reason not to, and if you follow up with a phone call or personal note, or office visit, so much the better.

NO TO 37– Contact Your Legislators

Every voice matters!

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