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Positive & Negative Climate Among #ECE Teachers: My Guest Blog at

Posted on: July 10, 2015

I am excited to invite you to check out my guest blog over at! As an early education coach and classroom observer, I see a lot of classroom interactions. This article is about teacher-to-teacher interactions; they are often overlooked, but critical to a positive classroom climate, and need to be factored into the quality of the students’ learning environment. Here’s a little bit to think about:

I first paid attention to the phenomenon of low positive climate (sometimes partial negative climate) between teachers when doing CLASS-based coaching in a room where both teachers were highly skilled, but would not communicate with each other beyond what was absolutely required. Each week I saw how both teachers showed strengths across all domains, but could barely be seen to make eye contact between the students’ arrival and lunch time. They spoke to each other rarely, sometimes addressing each other through the students. It was not unusual to see either of them roll their eyes and mumble to themselves as the other walked away from one of their stilted conversations. As an observer, I wondered, ‘How do they behave when I’m *not* here watching?’ and more importantly ‘How is this impacting the students?’

For the full article, visit the Teachstone Blog:

I’d love to hear your comments on your experiences with teach-to-teacher interactions, as a teacher, administrator, or observer. Please share!


1 Response to "Positive & Negative Climate Among #ECE Teachers: My Guest Blog at"

Great piece. I really struggled with this this past year. Coming from a setting that put a lot of value on teamwork and moving to a setting that with an, “everyone for themselves” mentality was hard. I will have to give some more thought about how I build positive climate with my coworkers.

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