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Professional Development Project: LC 2010 *UPDATE*

Posted on: May 2, 2010

  • Much has happened since my last professional development update (I’ve signed on as a worker with the U.S. Census, so my blogging opportunities are somewhat fewer and further between).  In brief:
  • Conference Scholarship: Rescinded!  😦
  • Registration Status: Registered anyway! 🙂
  • Extra Seminar and Dinner: Signed up (and very excited)!
  • Hotel Room Funds: Raised!

When we left our intrepid hero, she had blazed into the month of April on a comet’s tail, reporting that she had been able to raise enough funds to cover the lower conference registration fee, AND that she had been surprised with an offer of a scholarship!  Huzzah!  But then, minor disaster struck..!

Unfortunately, about 2 weeks after accepting the scholarship, booking a room and ordering new business cards, on the day that I received my conference registration confirmation, I was told that I should NOT have been offered that scholarship, and that my registration would have to be canceled.  Whaaat? Oh, the disappointment!  Apparently, someone who shall go unnamed allowed my scholarship to be approved when it should not have been.  So my professional development fund bottom line took a hit to the tune of a few hundred dollars, and I had to regroup.

Fortunately (have you ever read that book, ‘Fortunately’?), I was able to (eventually) raise enough money to pay for registration out-of-pocket, thanks to many generous donors, and a kind, helpful conference organizer at National Louis University.  So, ultimately, losing the scholarship was an inconvenience, but not a tragedy.  Scholarship notwithstanding, I am registered for Leadership Connections 2010, as well as an additional seminar on change management, plus a Champions for Change networking dinner.  In spite of my setback, my goals are being achieved.  I have no complaints.

Since the elimination of the scholarship, I have had to scale back my plans for spending at the conference vendors’ hall, and I won’t be able to donate any scholarship funds as I’d hoped, but I have been able to keep my hotel reservation, and should be able to afford to buy meals (hotel food is expensive, and I don’t have a car to go out foraging with), due to the incredibly generous support of several private donors.  I continue to be amazed and humbled at people’s capacity for sharing and caring.  You better believe that I will pay it forward the first chance I get.

So we’re set to go!  Who knows what adventures will unfold, but rest assured that I will make the most of them, and I will keep you posted!  See you at the conference (if not before)!


3 Responses to "Professional Development Project: LC 2010 *UPDATE*"

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Atena DannerMcPhaden. Atena DannerMcPhaden said: NEW on my blog: Atena's Professional Development Adventures- Leadership Connections UPDATE | #LC2010 #ECE #conference […]

Dear Atena:

It was good to meet you today at the pre-conference. It’s great to hear another voice for quality in the field of early childhood education!

Hi Linda! I was especially pleased to meet another ECE blogger today! I look forward to checking out your blog, and I hope you have a great time at the conference!


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