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Professional Development Project: Leadership Connections 2010

Posted on: March 15, 2010

My latest professional development goal: make a way to attend the 2010 Leadership Connections conference.  As I am currently between jobs, if I want to go to a conference, I have to raise funds myself.  Hard times, right?  Leadership Connections is an excellent early childhood leadership conference that is hosted by the McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership.  From their website:

Leadership Connections is a conference especially designed for early childhood administrators, lead teachers and supervisors, trainers and consultants, technical assistance specialists, and family child care providers. It includes three energizing days of professional development that focuses on YOU, the early childhood leader. You are the key to creating exemplary early care and education programs. Leadership Connections will validate what you know and are already doing while challenging you to think about your work in new and innovative ways.

It’s pretty clear why I would want to attend: There are great workshop and seminar opportunities.  There are also excellent opportunities for networking, and as a job seeker, it only makes sense to find a concentrated pool of professional colleagues, and jump in.  I attended in 2008, and found it to be a truly excellent experience: good workshops, informative seminars, and outstanding keynotes.  There was also a sense of professional camaraderie that I found to be genuinely inspiring.  The organizers were accessible, and did a great job managing the programming.

In addition to the goal of attending the conference, though, I am also energized by the project.  Raising money is an interesting challenge, and figuring out places to get it can be daunting.  So far I’ve created a proposal package and shared it with a number of local legislators and public interest organizations.

I am pleased to announce that I have received my first donation, and my first donation-for-service pledge (my service will be volunteering in a 3rd grade classroom).  I’m very excited about the volunteering opportunities that this could open up; I would love to use this as a chance to learn more about the work of other professionals, and learn more about areas of practice where I have less experience.

If you’re interested in contributing (or know anyone else who might be), send me a private message via the contact form above and we’ll work something out.  Otherwise, stay tuned for updates!

Please note: contributions will only be accepted from trusted, verified sources.

UPDATE: Off to a great start!

3/25… Fund raising got off to a great start: I have gotten donations to cover half of the basic registration at its current cost $400. Many thanks to my generous donor supporters for your contributions!

Now we have 5 days until the registration fee goes from $400 to $450. Send a private message in the contact box below to arrange a donation to support the ongoing professional development of a dedicated professional in the early childhood care and education field.

Thanks for your interest, and your support!    -Atena-

UPDATE:  Will work for professional development!

3/27…  Greetings!  Now we have four days until the Leadership Connections conference rate goes up.

As I mention above, one of my generous donors has arranged a volunteer-for-donation trade.  He teaches third grade, and has arranged for me to spend a day volunteering in his classroom.  I’ll have the chance to help and to lead an activity with the students – what a great opportunity!  This is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to get out of my little campaign, and I would love more opportunities like this.  Not only do I get more funds , but I get some hands-on experiences to expand my horizons as a practicing professional.  What could be better?

If you would like to arrange a similar collaboration, please contact me.  $200 more dollars before 3/31/10 gets us to our conference registration goal – I’d love to talk about ways to make your donation mutually beneficial!  If you would like to support dynamic and innovative early childhood leadership, please use the contact form within the message above (be sure to use the message form inside of the blog post to send a private message).  Thank you!    -Atena-


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